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芝加哥 翻译 Services

您是否在寻找为芝加哥企业提供专业翻译服务? What about interpreting and localization solutions? 我们的 team of culturally-sensitive, 世界级的语言专业人士与每一种语言打交道. 如果你是一家总部位于芝加哥的公司,并且你一直在寻找一家翻译公司, call us today – we’re available 24/7.


    芝加哥, 伊利诺斯州

    芝加哥 翻译 Services

    Your marketing team will be faced with a difficult challenge when taking your business to markets that don't share the same language or culture as you. 你最好的选择是与一家成熟的翻译公司合作, 多年来一直在做这件事,并且知道如何才能成功完成这类任务. 在不熟悉的领域开始,感觉就像进入了未知的水域, 但幸运的是,有人知道事情是如何运作的:像U.S. 翻译!

    我们的 company has been utilizing their extensive global experience to help businesses in 芝加哥 communicate effectively with a worldwide audience for 25+ years, and they are ready to work with you today!

    We do more than just translate. We also specialize in eLearning, software localization, 和口译,以确保您的翻译是完整的,从开始到结束! We are the most well-known translation company out there - we have multidisciplinary teams of experts who can handle any job you need done with quality results every time.



    Multilingual 翻译 Services

    Multilingual businesses are more successful, and U.S. 翻译有你需要的经验,可以帮助你的业务在不同的语言中蓬勃发展! We provide customer- and worker-friendly multilingual services to businesses in an effort for a better relationship with international markets, which would result in more customers and employees feeling valued when spoken to in their native tongue rather than just one language.


    芝加哥U.S. 翻译服务由人工翻译人员和项目经理提供支持. 这意味着我们能够在准确性方面保持良好的声誉, 效率, cost-effectiveness, 快速的交付时间框架和无与伦比的文化意识.
    我们以24/7的座右铭生活和工作,这意味着我们承诺24小时为您服务. We can provide both translation as well as interpretation services so your customer service team will never have an excuse not to cater to all of their multilingual customers’ needs quickly!



    • 多语言的搜索引擎优化
    • Business Documents 翻译
    • Market Surveys and financial reports translation
    • Localization of your brand image and message
    • 适应多国文化和劳动力市场的电子教学材料
    • 口译现场和虚拟会议,采访和公司会议


    我们的语言学家很擅长理解目标语言中的细微差别. These experts can translate between any two of the six main trade blocs – not only do they have knowledge on each country’s vernacular, 但即使是他们的俚语,在翻译请求时也会被考虑在内.

    我们的芝加哥翻译服务包括100多种语言的口译和翻译服务. 这些包括:


    • 美洲:法语(加拿大语)、英语、海地语、克里奥尔纳瓦霍语、葡萄牙语和西班牙语等.
    • 亚洲:韩语,汉语,菲律宾语,印度语,旁遮普语,蒙古语,越南语,以及30多个其他国家.
    • 非洲:伊博语、斯瓦希里语、约鲁巴语、南非荷兰语等20多个国家.
    • 东欧:阿尔巴尼亚语、白俄罗斯语、波斯尼亚语、保加利亚语、克罗地亚语、捷克语以及30多种其他语言.
    • 西欧:葡萄牙语,英语,法语,意大利语,瑞典语,西班牙语,以及20多个其他语言.
    • 中东:阿拉伯语,亚美尼亚语,希伯来语,土耳其语,以及10+其他语言.

    eLearning Localization

    培训掌握多种语言的劳动力存在许多障碍. From translating your materials to making sure they are culturally appropriate; it can be difficult and time-consuming. U.S. 翻译’s localization team is here for you with affordable prices and trained experts ready to localize every detail of the material so that nothing goes left behind or misinterpreted by an international audience!


    我们将帮助您了解不同市场之间的文化和地区差异. 数百家芝加哥企业吸引了顶尖人才, make more successful business inroads, 并通过与我们的合作不断优化员工的绩效. We can do that for your company as well!
    We are here to create success stories like those hundreds of other businesses who partnered with our team: they achieved their goals when we helped them bridge the gap between cultures while developing marketing strategies tailored specifically for each region or country’s needs–we are ready to get started on yours too!

    解释 Services

    我们负担得起的, 时间观念, 高精度的芝加哥口译服务将帮助您与来自世界各地的人做生意. 我们指派能流利使用你们感兴趣的语言的口译员从事金融等多个领域的项目, medical care services, or law enforcement needs for instance. 我们帮助您在研讨会、会议、商务会议和培训中更好地沟通. We provide 2 key interpretation services:

    Remote Simultaneous Services

    我们关注每一个细节,以确保您的多语种活动以最实惠的方式成功举办. We provide you with a choice between remote simultaneous interpretation solutions or on-site interpreting services at competitive rates and high quality, even for short notice requests! You can also hire InterpretCloud, our remote interpretation partner, to make your event even more accessible.


    In-Person interpretation

    我们是芝加哥首屈一指的同声传译和交替传译公司, with over a decade of experience. We will ensure that no misunderstandings happen during your event by providing professional language services to help you speak more clearly about what makes your business so important. 我们有最新的语言设备供您购买或租用. From headsets to receivers, 我们为您提供您所需要的一切——无论是一次性的东西还是持续的客户!

    如果您正在计划一个虚拟的多语言会议, 我们将帮助您将其托管在我们的同声传译工具- InterpretCloud上. 这个可靠和高质量的工具将帮助您使您的在线营销活动无缝和实时多语言. 很容易将InterpretCloud与您的在线会议平台集成,以获得最佳的功能和节省时间.

    Website 翻译

    面向海外市场本土化你的内容是促进潜在客户生成的最佳方法之一. 我们的网站翻译服务确保所有的文字不仅是可读的, but also relatable in other countries and cultures. We localize blogs, landing pages, Q&一个部分, or testimonial page on a case-by-case basis; any part of your website you specify can be translated with our services! 我们有能力处理任何事情,从信息网站,电子商务商店,或社交媒体. 如果你需要你的内容本地化并与你的网站链接,我们也可以做到这一点!


    Personal websites


    Community building websites




    eCommerce websites


    Informational websites



    U.S. 翻译可以帮助您自动化未来的网站翻译和更新, 在未来消除冗长和昂贵的翻译过程. That is how you ensure that your foreign language websites and the source language website never fall out of sync with new updates. 我们的 芝加哥敏捷网站翻译服务以简洁和可扩展性为基础, giving you the best value for money and time. 如果你的网站是由第三方CMS系统托管的,比如WordPress, 我们有一个多功能的代理技术,我们使用它在CMS内无缝转换.


    将你的网页内容直接翻译成网站的源代码(PHP, HTML, XML等).)


    本地化的图片, 视频, 图形, pdf文档, 以及其他多媒体内容,使其在地理上与你的国际目标受众相关.



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    芝加哥 Business Document
    翻译 Services

    We translate and localize financial records, 客户数据, 营销广告, 业务报告, 会议纪要. 我们的 subject matter experts work in tandem to provide the best quality translations for your company’s needs with accuracy and professionalism at an affordable price that will not break your budget!

    为什么你.S. 翻译s 芝加哥?

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    如果你想开拓新市场,需要一流的翻译, project management, quality assurance measures for all those complex documents that are involved in your international work – we’re the company to call. We have translators who speak native languages of other markets with an unmatched level of flexibility given by our scalable technology platform where confidentiality protocols make sure everything is secure at all times.